When We Left the Dropbox Directory

This is not ready. Not in the least. Nor will it be ready any time soon, possibly ever. But with this post, I pull it from the safety of my Dropbox directory, and thrust it into the harsh elements of its reality.

This is not a blog. Maybe that’s just me being a little pretentious, thinking this site is more than what it is. Especially if you were to read this site with your eyes. It kind of looks like a blog, doesn’t it? Nothing more. But, the original definition of a blog was a personal journal that just happened to be publicly hosted on the internet for everyone to see. The meaning of the term has taken on much more than that since it became part of the mainstream vernacular. It’s probably more accurately defined now as any provider of written content in the form of discrete posts. Either way, the long term intent of this site is to be neither.

Sure, there will be many elements that fit within the blog mold. This introductory post, for one. But the sequential structure a blog provides does not properly fit the content I hope to share in many cases. If I had to tie a description to it, I think container is vague enough to make me comfortable. It’s a container of my content that I’ve deem fit to share with the masses.

Beyond distancing the site from the term “blog”, I have no plans for this space. Nor will I ever. I have ideas, and some of those may materialize within the sites confines. But that’s as far as I go on being committal to any kind of structure for this site’s content. Structure comes laced with destructive powers. It can quickly build into an impossible force on the side of Resistance, creating a thick haze of disinterest in the task at hand. There are many times when structure is needed, of course. Competition. Industry. These things work well with structure by nature, often because they contain a force of equal or far superior strength. Crushing your opponent’s will to live in competition, or the all important dollar bill to be earned by industrious ventures. These forces can easily defeat what structure is packing. But creativity on the other hand, especially being done in your spare time just for the sake of the process itself? It has no defenses against structure’s powers. If we were to have creativity and structure enter an arena to fight to their deaths, creativity would enter with its trusty Red Rider BB Gun. Perfectly capable of taking down Black Bart, but not ideal for a death match. Structure on the other hand, would come barreling in, running at full speed, chainsaw already revved. There’s just no contest.

So, no. There will be no structure for the content. At least nothing planned. No mandates on what I must do within this space. Just ideas. Ideas and hope. But today is the success. The site is up. Anything I produce for this space from here forward is gravy. And hopefully I’ll be pouring a nice helping of it straight into your optic nerve.